Mediumship and All Things Metaphysical - 8 Modules MASTERCLASS

The modules of this course are targeted at individuals who are exploring metaphysics from the perspective of the human energy field, shamanism and developing psychic/mediumship understanding. It is styled around my experiences as an engineer (microchip designer) and provides anecdotes, tips, visualizations and exercises that benefited me to develop a relationship with Spirit and our departed Loved Ones to show that life is continuous and we have access to the unseen realm innately within each of us.

The 8 modules include:

Module 1: Energy 101
Module 2: Chakras (from the 30,000 ft level)
Module 3: Grounding, Protection and Personal Symbolism
Module 4: Spirit Guides
Module 5: Mediumship: A History and Definitions Overview
Module 6: Inspirational and Automatic Writing, Remote Viewing and Psychometry
Module 7: Nature Spirits, Shamanism and Communication with Nature
Module 8: Connecting with your Shamanic Totem (Power Animal)

What you will learn in these modules is a progression of learning the basic principles of energy in it's basic natural form and how that is a key element of our communication with our environment. From there we build upon these principles to demonstrate how it is used in intuition and then through to mediumship.

The intent is not to make people mediums but to get an understanding of the evolution to having that capability.