Tarrassa Holistics offers courses, services and products designed for personal and intuitive development, and for empowering the wellness of the human spirit.


This self-exploration of your relationship with your Universal environment is not only for "New Age" adventurers but rather it is for you. A loving adventurer who has dreams and desires for your life and relationships.

Are you ready to stop feeling stressed, confused, or afraid, and enjoy a sense of calm and happiness - regardless of your current circumstances?

Today is the day to leap forth with faith in yourself!


Are you interested in learning more about metaphysical topics and taking your intuition to a level of mediumship understanding? The mystery of life, in present or past doesn't have to be a stranger to you anymore.

Well, look no further than this one-of-a-kind metaphysical course "Mediumship and All Things Metaphysical - An Overview" by Graham Connolly of Tarrassa Holistics.

The mechanics of energy medicine and communication are life changing attributes. Don't hold yourself back! This is your chance to be introduced to  Chakras, energy, grounding, spirit guides, and much more.

It was once said that "Life becomes an invitation into the unknown and anything is possible with guidance" - Anon.



Consultations & Guidance

Individualized consultations to help guide you on your spiritual and personal journey. 


Guided Visualizations

Audio visualizations help ground you and calm your mind while you experience active meditation.

Digital Products

Private Galleries

Offer your guests a unique experience with your own Private Medium Gallery or Psychic Circle. Whether it's an evening wine & cheese party, a family and friends get-together, office party, or girls' night, guided communication circles and/or individual readings are a great addition to your event.

Virtual events are also available.

Group Readings

Equine Craniosacral Therapy

Enhance your horse's well being and help with issues like

  • Head-bobbing, cribbing, or weaving
  • Poor confirmation, stiffness, or gait issues
  • Stifle, hock or sacrum imbalances
  • Digestion issues
  • Injury, trauma, or anxiety 
  • TMJ or equine tinnitus
  • Normal aging issues
Equine Services


Tammy Dumais

"I first met Graham in a Mediumship 101 class he was offering. This class was a life changing event for me. I had always been shy and unsure about mediumship and my abilities. Up to this class, I had always picked “safe” ways to work intuitively with my clients such as through yoga, personal training, coaching, etc. However, Graham’s extensive experience, coupled with his personality, energy and enthusiasm, left me feeling comfortable, encouraged and motivated each week we met."

Gold line

Rene B

"The most awe-inspiring experience of my life happened today with Vickie, Graham and the horses! I can’t put to words what my heart experienced today... the closest is Unconditional Love!"

Sandy Whitmore

"Graham Connolly is an intelligent and intuitive human being. His experience as a psychic medium, speaker, teacher, and shaman combine with a drive to develop myriad other skills and with his kindness, gentle curiosity, and mild playful humor. The result is a man at the pinnacle of an ability to help other people explore their own being with surprising and satisfying results. I'm happy to have had many opportunities to work with him and very glad to know him. I think you will feel the same should you make his acquaintance."


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