personal development Jun 20, 2022

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, where the heck will I be next Fall”

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and simply looked at your reflection without it being for some action like washing your face, putting on make-up, shaving, brushing your hair, or critiquing the tired eyes, the skin complexion and such. For some, you would have answered yes, for some of you you are overcoming negative self-beliefs and forcing yourself to look in the mirror to say an affirmation to help you through the day.

So why is it that when we look in the mirror we are not happy with what we see? It could be our body image, the fact that I seem to attract the wrong types of relationships, or I cannot seem to find a good loving relationship, a good job or simply I don’t like myself. And that, dear friends, is the crux of it. Our self-esteem and what we think about ourselves. Many of the things we believe about ourselves are however also based on social patterning, learn t from our...

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Do You Accept Responsibility?

personal development May 25, 2022

So when someone tells you that it is your responsibility to (do this, do that, do the other) how do you typically process that statement? What feelings typically emote from within you, what past experiences come to mind; perhaps you dislike the term personal responsibility; are you aware what personal responsibility means?

More importantly do you know the benefits to understanding that accepting personal responsibility and accountability can change your life in a positive manner?

Know Thyself

It does and it will but it requires a commitment to change your way of thinking; to look at all occurrences in your life from a different vantage point. It also requires you to honestly ascertain if you have the spiritual maturity to go within and “judge” yourself to determine if you are a person who takes responsibility for your actions, words,and thoughts!

As I reflect back in my life it brings up for me, in this moment, those times in my career, my church, my social life,...

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Stop the Blame Game

personal development Apr 13, 2022

Hands up if you participate in the Blame Game! Really, you don’t or is that a half hearted admittance to participating depending on the situation. Wow, your hand went straight up.

Whichever category above you chose to place yourself in when being asked about your propensity for assigning blame know that it is OK. There are instances where there is a valid and specific component or rationale as to why something did not go to plan or as expected. It also may be a perfectly valid datapoint (or individual) that we can point to to assign blame.

Do You Blame Circumstances?

However often our upbringing and life experiences have often steered us down a path where we often choose to “blame” our circumstances or environment for things that occur in our life. Now, there are many things in life that naturally have a very subjective component and for me blame is one of them. For me the energy and intention behind the statement plays a role as to whether we are in the...

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Intuitive, Psychic or Mediumistic?

Throughout time mankind has explored the ability to communicate with the Gods, with Nature, or each other on a non-verbal level. It is extremely common for us to use the term intuitive in the world and intuition is often the explanation given by many an entrepreneur or successful decision-maker – “I just trusted my gut”, “What I love about Mary is she is just so intuitive and makes the right decisions”.

Psychic on the other hand, although nowadays often known within a household, conjures up distrust, fake, absurd, not possible. Perhaps these attributes are attached because of our personal belief system that does not value or agrees with the skill set.

A definition of Intuitive is:

having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence: having or characterized by intuition: based on or agreeing with what is known or understood without any proof or evidence: known or understood by intuition: agreeing with what seems naturally right

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Does Life Own YOU or do YOU Own Life?

personal development Feb 03, 2022

" If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. - Jim Rohn" 

As we go through life, addressing our desires, needs, goals, and actions are imperative. Sometimes that is on a regular and consistent basis. That may be weekly, monthly or quarterly or even for some on an "as needed basis". Life yet has the uncanny ability to start new or delay our well-defined plans. In fact, it can also speed up our plans.

If you reflect on your current life status are there areas that make you cringe? Even a little. Career, finances, relationship, the family are they in a space where you are "getting by". Going month to month on a paycheck, stagnant in a relationship, hating your job, overwhelmed? If these feelings are prevalent then it indicates that Life is "drudgery". Some even say it is your soul crying out for change.

Your everyday routine has several elements of necessity, not ones of desirous...

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