Intuitive, Psychic or Mediumistic?

Throughout time mankind has explored the ability to communicate with the Gods, with Nature, or each other on a non-verbal level. It is extremely common for us to use the term intuitive in the world and intuition is often the explanation given by many an entrepreneur or successful decision-maker – “I just trusted my gut”, “What I love about Mary is she is just so intuitive and makes the right decisions”.

Psychic on the other hand, although nowadays often known within a household, conjures up distrust, fake, absurd, not possible. Perhaps these attributes are attached because of our personal belief system that does not value or agrees with the skill set.

A definition of Intuitive is:

having the ability to know or understand things without any proof or evidence: having or characterized by intuition: based on or agreeing with what is known or understood without any proof or evidence: known or understood by intuition: agreeing with what seems naturally right

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